8 Facts That Will Get You Running.

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Ok, I’m not Columbus when I tell you that running is good for you. Even though we know its endless benefits, many of us are still not big fans of this form of physical activity. Well, those 8 facts about running will either change your mind or you’re stupid! Read it and just look at your shoes lacing up by themselves!

  1. No energy to run? Oh really?!

On average, men store enough fat in their bodies to be able to run for 3 days at a speed of 24km per hour NON STOP! So no more excuses that you lack energy today to go for a run.

  1. Memory loss? Run!!!!

An early sign of Alzheimer is memory loss and dementia. If you do experience that, you NEED TO START RUNNING. Not like running away, but rather going for a run! According to a study by The Lancet neurology in Sweden, running lowers your risk of Alzheimer by 60%.

  1. But I’m so busy…

OK, so is everyone else! The thing is, you don’t need to run for hours to get the results you want. In fact, short interval training (20min) is much more effective in burning fat than jogging at a regular pace for 40 minutes. An 8-second sprint and a slow 12-second run alternately will get you burn fat in no time!

  1. Prefer a tortoise style?

No problem at all. Slow jogging is better than no jogging and it will still make you burn at least 10 calories per minute.

  1. Speaking about styles…

It is a scientific fact that runners are better in bed! Men who do long distance run experience higher sex drive, better heart health and spatial awareness…. If you know what I mean 😉 Why is that? Simple: increase in testosterone level.  No need to explain more, we know men wouldn’t be men without it.

  1. What about women?

Well, women also benefit a lot! Due to the increase in blood circulation, ladies also experience increase in ‘appetite’ and feel much more pleasure in bed…. Not to mention that their bodies start to look great and simply make them feel sexier!

  1. It also makes you smarter.

Studies have shown that exercising regularly over a period of at least 6 months increases volume in specific areas of the brain thus improving its overall function. Running increases your creativity and productivity, which comes handy if you want to improve your job performance and finally get that promotion!

  1. No money? No problem!

That excuse most definitely won’t work! Running is one of the cheapest sports you can do! You only need shoes. What’s more, Swedish researchers have proven that cheap running shoes are less likely to get you injured! Turns out, all the extra cushioning in those super fashionable shoes that cost half your salary is just unnecessary burden!

Long story short… You can be smart, sexy, beautiful, rich and healthy without having to look for a Genie in a bottle. The elixir for all of that has been right in front of us all that time! Run, simply run!



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