All the Different Kinds of Push Ups – Push ups workout

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Push ups workout is a good bodyweight exercise that you can do in order to work out the triceps, biceps, pecs, shoulder and other muscles of your upper body. If you are learning how to do push ups, it is important that you learn various variations of push ups. If you learn how to do push ups of various types, you will be able to add variations and styles to your training. It will enable you to workout various muscles because each variations of pushups targets particular muscles. Below are various types of pushup workouts that you should try.

diff kind push up

Standard push up

This is a basic starting point if you are learning how to do push ups. You can easily try out other variations of push ups when you master the standard pushup. Place your hands and feet on the floor using them to hold your body. The palm and fingers should face outward. Lower your entire body down while keeping your body and head straight. Continue lowering your body until you are able to touch the floor lightly with your chest. Push up back to the starting position.

Standard pushups have various variations, which include the following:

• Diamond

• Military

• Wide arm

Pushups for intermediate level

These pushup workouts are more challenging than the standard push ups. They are similar except that in the intermediary level styles. You will place your feet on a height of about 6 to 18 inches so that they will be off the ground; lower your body then push it up again. Various variations are tiger, leg up and isomeric, Spiderman, rotational, canyon, one and half arm, side to side, staggered hands and uneven canyon.

Advance Level

These are very challenging and can only be done by few individuals who have mastered the standard and intermediary level. The various variations are:

• Plyometric

• One arm

• Clappers

• Rolling ball

• Grasshopper

• Handstand

Other types of pushup workouts

• Side push up

This type of push ups workout targets the triceps and the large muscles of the chest (pecs). You can also do it in order to tone the abdominal, oblique and lower back.

• Single leg pushup

Single leg pushup is very challenging and will help you to build strength in your upper body and core. You can make the exercise challenging and tough by keeping your feet further apart from each other.

• Tricep pushups

This is a good push ups workout that you can try if you want to tone your triceps. It also builds strength in the chest muscles.

• Supine push up

• Burpee

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