Alternatives to Crunches

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There is no doubt that there are many people that want to engage in abs workouts in order to get well toned abdominal muscles. Crunches are very good ab workouts that you can do in order to tone your abdominal muscles. They target the rectus abdominis. However, they are very challenging and most people are not able to do them. If you dread the crunches but you are looking for a best ab workout in order to tone your abdominal muscle, there are easy alternatives to crunches that you can include in your fitness program.


Sit-ups are good alternatives to crunches. You can include them in your workout program, if you are looking for a best ab workout other than the crunch. They are ab workouts that target the hip flexors and abdominal muscles. Though they overlap with crunches but they are not the same with crunches.

How to do sit-ups

Lie down facing up with your back on the ground. You can keep your hands behind your heads or your arms across your chest. Bend your knees and then try to raise your torso (that is the lower and upper vertebrae) from the floor. Continue elevating the torso so that only the buttocks will be on the floor. Make sure that your knee is bent as you raise the torso.

Isometric abdominal holds are ab workouts that you can do in order to tone your abdominal muscles. They are good alternatives to crunches. In isomeric abdominal holds, the abdominal muscles are activated and then hold in the same position without allowing them to flex. These ab workouts can be performed by any person who wants a well toned abdominal muscle.

How to do the exercise

Isometric abdominal holds have variations. You can follow the steps given below in order to do the standard variation.

  • Lie on the floor with your back

  • Bring your knees up so that they will be above the hips

  • Raise the legs so that your heels will be above the knee

  • Try keeping your hands on your shin or you can ask another person to do that for you.

  • Do not allow your heels to drop. In order to remain in the position, you have to contract your abdominal muscles.

Other alternatives to crunches

Besides sit-ups and isometric holds, there are other alternatives to crunches. You can do leg lifts, pushups, holding plank position and Russian twist. They are good ab workouts. If you want a best ab workout for toning your stomach, you can include any of them in your workout regime.

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