How to get killer abs of steel even Madonna would envy

Share This:   Fitness ball now – a mandatory attribute of any fitness center. But why pay the extra money and go to train on a fit ball in expensive gym club, when the same thing can be done at home? In our days you can get very good quality, bright color beautiful fitness ball for much less price. I can recommend great online store where you can purchase not only best quality fitness balls, but resistance bands and Chin up Pull up bars-the best sport products to have at home and do…

A Chin Up Bar for Your Abs

Share This:  Chin up exercises are mainly done in order to train the back and the upper body. The muscles of the abs functions as stabilizers as one performs the chin up exercises. The abs muscles are not directly toned or challenged as one performs the chin up works. However, there are some unconventional exercises that fitness lovers can add while hanging on the chin up bars in order to train the abdominal muscles simultaneously with the upper body. +2-3

The Road to 20 Pull Ups

Share This: One of the most challenging and difficult strength training workouts that you can do is pull up. In fact, pull ups are very tough that many fitness buffs dread engaging in pull up training. Only a few people among the number of fitness buffs that engages in pull up program that can do up to three pull-ups at the same time. Most people are able to do only one or two pull ups at a time. 00

Alternatives to Crunches

Share This: There is no doubt that there are many people that want to engage in abs workouts in order to get well toned abdominal muscles. Crunches are very good ab workouts that you can do in order to tone your abdominal muscles. They target the rectus abdominis. However, they are very challenging and most people are not able to do them. If you dread the crunches but you are looking for a best ab workout in order to tone your abdominal muscle, there are easy alternatives to crunches that…

2 Minute Burpees

Share This: A good number of cardio ideas in the internet include burpees as one of the exercises that one can include in their crossfit training regime if they want to build up muscle strength. It is also known as squat thrust. Squat thrusts are done in four steps and this is why they were initially referred to as four-count Burpees. 00

6 Upper Body Resistance Band Workouts

Share This: Resistance bands are very important fitness tools. Many fitness experts consider them more advantageous and useful than the weights based on a number of reasons. If you want to build up strength and work out your muscles easily, you should consider owning a resistance band and doing resistance band workouts. Many fitness tips available in the internet have suggested a number of upper body exercises that one can do with the resistance band in order to build up strength in the different muscles of the body. Below are…

Fitness, Back Pain, and Medical Bills

Share This: Most adults suffer back pain which normally results from muscle strain. It can also be caused by the overuse of the spine like sitting down for a very longtime in a place. Taking medications in order to get back pain relief can increase your medical bills. However, getting back pain relief may not always cause money. There are certain exercises that are very effective in reducing back pain that you can do if you are having back pain. Engaging in back pain exercises is a veritable means of…

5 Minutes and a Yoga Mat

Share This: Yoga mat is very important home fitness equipment that every fitness lover should have. You need it if you are engaging in isomeric training and certain fast ab workouts. Performing fast yoga exercises on yoga mat gives you a lot of benefits. The mat protects you from sliding as you are performing the fast ab workouts and sweating profusely. It drains perspiration and prevents it from getting to the floor. Below are some of the fast yoga exercises that you must do on the yoga mat. 00

Kellan Lutz’s Twilight Beach Workout

Share This: Are you looking for a beach body workout? Do you want to engage in a beach body workout that will help you to build your abs, strength and stamina? You should consider following the twilight body fitness program of Kellan Lutz. Lutz is a twilight star who has succeeded in building rock-hard abs by engaging in a series of twilight body fitness routine. 0-1

How to get fit like Beyonce Knowles

Share This: Beyonce Knowles is a singer, film actress and entrepreneur born in Houston, Texas, US. Beyonce started her music career at very tender age. She has great singing and dancing ability that made it possible for her to compete and win numerous awards including six Grammy Awards in 2010. One thing that most people especially women admire about Beyonce is her awesome figure. Most of her fans are astonished by her beauty and awesome shape. One fact that you should know is that you can also obtain a toned…