Beyoncé’s post-pregnancy Yoga Comeback

Share This: Women normally gain weight during and after pregnancy. For some women, there is nothing to be done except to accept their condition and be happy with it. However, celebrity moms will do anything possible in order to get back to shape after giving birth. They get involved in celebrity fitness sessions and go on a diet in order to lose weight and regain their pre-baby shape. This was exactly what Beyonce did; now she is getting back to shape after giving birth to her baby, Blue Ivy. 00

Build Grip Strength and Dexterity with a Chin Up Bar

Share This: Using chin up bar body weight exercise will not only workout your muscles but will also increase your grip strength. However, increasing grip strength using chin up bar is more than performing the exercises alone. If you want to increase grip strength with chin up bar, there are certain strategies that you should apply in order to achieve the fitness goal. Below are some tips that you include when you are performing chin up bar exercises for grip strength. +1-1

How Resistance Bands build Directional Stability

Share This: Many erroneously think that one must go to the gym or acquire expensive workout machines before one can perform reasonable exercise. Contrary to the thinking of these people, it is possible for a person to work out in one’s home or even in the workplace without having expensive workout machines or going to gym. You can do reasonable unconventional exercises using the resistance bands only and yet build up your muscle strength. The directional tension of resistance bands, as well as their inherent instability, forces the brain to…

Kate Middleton: Royal Prenatal Yoga

Share This: Kate Middleton is one of the important and well known personalities across the globe. She is the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is among women who do not allow their pregnancy to stop them from doing what they love most. She begins celebrity fitness session in order not to add too much weight during her pregnancy. The US Weekly reports that she is now mixing a prenatal yoga with long works. According to a source close to her, the celebrity fitness session has done Kate a lot of good,…

The Importance of Anti-Burst Yoga Balls

Share This: Different types of yoga balls are available in the market today. These types of stability balls differ in their features and constructions. There are yoga balls that come with anti burst construction. Anti burst balls are perfect for fitness and yoga classes. If you are looking for the best yoga ball, you should consider buying stability ball with anti-burst technology owing to the number of benefits you will derive from it. 00

10 minutes of Yoga ball stability for Lifelong Agility

Share This: In recent times, a lot of researches have been carried out by fitness experts on the health benefits of yoga. The findings are amazing. The results of various studies on yoga exercise especially when done with the stability balls reveal that a short regime of daily yoga exercises gives a lot of health benefits. 00

Eat Light, Eat Often

Share This: Dieticians and fitness experts through a number of researches recommend eating little but very often rather than the traditional pattern of eating three times per day. This may sound stupid to some people while other people may see it as glutton. Studies have shown that large meal disturbs the digestive system and can lead to bloating. It prolongs the digestion of food, and this can bring down the level of energy in the body. But taking little quantity of food severally per day gives a lot of benefits.…

Dumbbell Lunges for a faster Leg Workout

Share This: Leg lunges are one of the best fast leg workouts you can perform in the gym and at homes in order to work out the muscles of your legs. The manner in which you perform the exercise will determine how fast you will achieve your fitness goal. You can practice fast leg workouts without adding any extra weight of the dumbbells. However, you can achieve a quicker result if perform the leg workouts with the dumbbell. 0-1

Morning Yoga in 20 Minutes

Share This: Doing quick yoga exercises in the morning after waking up or before going out for the day is a nice way to start your day. This is because morning yoga involves poses that release energy to the cells of the body for their proper functioning throughout the day. Besides stretching and relaxing your nerves, doing fast yoga exercises in the morning calms your mind helping you to manage the stresses of the day. Below are some of the morning yoga poses that you should do before starting your…