Burn 500 Calories Today

Share This: Motivation to exercise can be hard to find, especially on “lazy days” where you don’t want to go to the gym or get up for a morning jog. However, here’s the good news – you can burn 500 calories today by spacing out little workouts fit for your busy schedule. Here’s how: 1.    Start with a short and intense cardio workout first thing in the day. Fuel up by eating a light morning snack (such as a fruit or a whole wheat slice topped up with peanut butter).…

2 Minute Burpees

Share This: A good number of cardio ideas in the internet include burpees as one of the exercises that one can include in their crossfit training regime if they want to build up muscle strength. It is also known as squat thrust. Squat thrusts are done in four steps and this is why they were initially referred to as four-count Burpees. 00

How to Get the Most from a Short Run

Share This: There are many athletes that cannot participate in long distance run or marathon race. They can only handle short runs. There is nothing wrong with that. If you are not strong enough to participate in long distance races, you can also engage in short runs. It will give you some benefits. In fact, its importance in sprint training cannot be overemphasized. Even high intensity training for long distance run may also include short run. So, if you are engaging in sprint training, you need to practice a lot…

Cardio Exercises with Jumping Rope

Share This: There is no better time than now to get fit at home through cardio exercises and a jumping rope. Clearly, winter time would be the best time to reshape your physique. Bear in mind that you need to prepare your body in advance for what’s to come. You need to make an assessment of your body. What exactly to you want to accomplish with your body? Would you like a mean and lean physique? Do you want to build mass or simply feel on top of the world?…

30 minutes Tae bo exercises workout plan

Share This: Do you need to lose weight? If you do, then you should definitely think about tae bo exercises. These exercises will help you obtain a slimmer body. This workout plan is all about you combining your skills of dancing, boxing, and self-defense together to create a good tae bo workout plan. 00