Learning a Lesson from Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy

Share This:   Kim Kardashian is a popular reality star in the US. She has a stunning body shape which makes a lot of people to admire her. When it became known that the 32 year old reality star was pregnant with her husband Kanye West, many of her fans wondered how she would manage her weight and maintain her stunning figure. To the surprise of many people, Kim was able to keep her weight under control during her pregnancy. Throughout her pregnancy, she was looking curvaceous and sexy in her maternity dresses. She is…

Beyoncé’s post-pregnancy Yoga Comeback

Share This: Women normally gain weight during and after pregnancy. For some women, there is nothing to be done except to accept their condition and be happy with it. However, celebrity moms will do anything possible in order to get back to shape after giving birth. They get involved in celebrity fitness sessions and go on a diet in order to lose weight and regain their pre-baby shape. This was exactly what Beyonce did; now she is getting back to shape after giving birth to her baby, Blue Ivy. 00

Kate Middleton: Royal Prenatal Yoga

Share This: Kate Middleton is one of the important and well known personalities across the globe. She is the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is among women who do not allow their pregnancy to stop them from doing what they love most. She begins celebrity fitness session in order not to add too much weight during her pregnancy. The US Weekly reports that she is now mixing a prenatal yoga with long works. According to a source close to her, the celebrity fitness session has done Kate a lot of good,…

How Yoga is getting Kim Kardashian back in shape

Share This: Kim Kardashian is one of the well-known celebrities across the globe today. Kim’s curvy and toned body is a quality in her that most of her fans admire so much. One would have expected Kim to lose her shape and add weight now that she is pregnant. However, she has surprised everybody by getting back in shape and keeping her weight in check. 00

Celebrities and Their Pregnancy Fitness Workouts

Share This: Pregnancy fitness is a term commonly heard among celebrities. You get to see new celebrity moms popping up on the covers of all types of magazines on a regular basis. The amazing thing is that just days after they welcomed their little bundle of joy, they are in the limelight looking fit and trim once again. What is their secret? 00

Resistance band exercises for Pregnancy Fitness

Share This: Science has shown exercising during pregnancy improves the breathing and nervous system of the baby and helps mother keep her strength up and weight managed. When pregnant it is a good idea to modify your workout for safety. A workout plan for pregnancy fitness that utilizes resistance training, such as that provided when using the Wacces resistance bands, can provide a simple way to exercise for moms-to-be. 00

Pregnancy Fitness: DVD “Body by Trimester” with Joy Southworth

Share This: Are you looking for a pregnancy fitness workout so that you can get your body to look fantastic? If so, then you should check out the Joy Southworth “Body by Trimster”. The DVD is well-liked, and it is being used by many women that are pregnant. It has many exercises that will make allow you to stay healthy during your pregnancy. +1-1

Top 5 Yoga Postures for Pregnancy Yoga

Share This: In order to ensure easier labour coupled with a smooth delivery, it is highly recommended that pregnant women engage in prenatal yoga. This form of exercise became increasingly popular among woman who are pregnant to the extent that it was narrowed down to 5 top postures for pregnancy yoga. 00

Loop Bands for Pregnancy Fitness at Home

Share This: Loop Bands are exercise bands that are quite popular when it comes to fitness. There are many pregnant women that use loop bands so that they can train for strength. It’s a good way to keep in shape, but a pregnant woman should only use them if her doctor approves of the routine that is carried out with these bands. There are various home exercises that you can do with the loop bands and get an excellent workout. 00

Fitness balls to Fit Pregnancy

Share This: The secret of the ball is, while moving, it creates vibrations that stimulate your system and organs. As soon as you place your bottom on the ball it helps minimize the amount of discomfort and it helps your body prepare for labor. Just by sitting on the ball, the pelvic floor and other stabilizing muscles automatically start to work. Within the first few minutes your spine will find its natural curves, because the ball is unstable, the body is in constant motion and this helps build postural muscles…