5 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle

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An inspirational story shared by New Health:

Yesterday, reading an article on one of my favorite wellness blogs, I found such a comment below:

“I would like to start doing some exercises but I don’t know how/or how to start. My problems are: 1: my job! I am a team assistant and my boss is quite demanding! Usually I work from Monday to Friday from 8:30 – 18:30/19:00. After work I am usually very tired and just want to lay down and doing nothing! Just because of my job I do sit everyday and my back is soo painful! 2. Problem: I don’t know what should I do!!”

Sounds familiar? It does to me!

I was in exactly the same spot not that long ago. I worked all days and I just couldn’t find time and motivate myself to doing exercise. There were so many obstacles! The gym was too boring, the park was too far, the day was too short, the class was too expensive… Turned out, they were all just excuses!

What was the breakthrough for me?

Meeting my ex boyfriend!

He would exercise every day and he had a really active lifestyle. He loved doing literally any sport; he’d go hiking on weekends and swimming after work. If I wanted to spend time with him, eventually, I needed to put on my tracksuit and go jogging with him!

Even though we broke up, I kept exercising as I simply love the way it makes me feel! My back pain is gone, my mood swings are much less frequent, my skin is glowing… And of course, I look better! The benefits are endless, so stop making excuses and start doing exercise!!

workout with your partner

So, how to start?

My advice:

1. Surround yourself with fit people.

In my case, it was my boyfriend, but for you it can be anyone else. Look among your friends or family members. Alternatively, you can find different meet-up groups where people gather together and go exercising. Soon, you will start looking forward to your workouts, as it will become a part of your social life! Plus, it won’t even feel like working out. Exercising with friends is simply fun!

2. Set your priorities right.

When there’s a will, there’s a way! No one has time to spare in nowadays’ world. Yet, some people manage to exercise regularly. How? They just set their own health and well-being as their top priority.  You need to reconsider what is more important to you, money or health? Of course, your job is important, I’m not suggesting quitting it! But if you really think about it, there are ways to find time for both.

For example:

If you live close to your work, try getting there by foot! If you live a little further from your work, riding by bicycle is the perfect option. Alternatively, try taking a bus or train to work – the walk to and from the train or bus station is an added bonus as it provides the opportunity for exercise! If none of the above works in your case, just make use of your lunch break! Don’t just go and sit in another place than your desk for that hour. Go for a walk or put on your tracksuit and go for a mild run. Just think of different option, I’m sure you can figure something out!

3. Make small steps

A lot of us make the same mistake when we start exercising – we overdo it. We go for a wearing-out Zumba class with people who’ve been doing it for months regularly and we just can’t keep up! Or we play that 20 min fat burning video and the next day we are so sore we can’t even get out of the bed! That is not the best approach.


You need to find your own pace and accept your current physical condition. If you want to start jogging, start by doing it really slowly, allow yourself to walk every now and then, don’t go and run for 2 hours the first day. Small steps count and bring better long-term effects! Once you get going, your endurance will improve and with time you’ll feel that you can do more and better. Just listen to your own body.

4. Notice the opportunities

Have you ever heard a story where your grandmother or grandfather would tell you of how difficult for them it was to find time for exercise in their youth? I highly doubt it! No one even thought of going to the gym. Why would they pay for running in an enclosed space on a track, when they needed to run every day – their errands! Cars weren’t so popular as they are today, people would hop on a bike, walk up the stairs, walk the streets, do a lot of things manually. Their life was one big workout.

Just think of it…

If you skip the elevator every day, if you get out of your car and actually walk into the shop instead of driving-thru, if instead of going for coffee on a Saturday afternoon you play volleyball with your friend… Just take advantage of those opportunities and you won’t even feel when the calories got burnt.

5. Just do it!

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