How to be Happy in 6 Simple Steps

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What is a happiness formula? Hmm… what was it…Oh, yeah. It doesn’t really exist…

We all know that happiness cannot be reduced to a fixed equation. Each of us is different and needs different things in life. You like mountains, I like the sea, she loves chocolate, while he prefers a steak. And that’s fine! That is what makes our world more colorful. But what if we, ourselves, don’t know what it is that makes us happy?

Even though a recipe doesn’t really exist, there are some guidelines that, if followed, can greatly improve the quality of our lives!

We’ve compiled these 6 happiness essentials:

1. Lose yourself in

People who have a passion in life are much less prone to depression or mood swings. And when they do feel a bit down, they just let it out by practicing their hobby. When you become wholly absorbed by an activity, you enter the so called state of flow, which evokes a rewarding sensation. Whether it’s gardening, talking to your best friend or going to zumba, just find something that will let you forget about the world around and be in it 100%.

2. Look at the bright side

We can’t change the negative things around us, but we can change the way we think about it. Our brain is like any other muscle in our body, it can be trained and taught to see bright side of life. Or at least stop focusing on the dark one. Instead of focusing on the traffic jam you’re stuck in, focus on the people in the street or appreciate the fact that you can sit in the comfort of your own car. Count your blessings and be grateful for them.

3. See the glass half full

The notion of learned optimism is no new to psychologists around the world. It is scientifically proven that pessimism holds us back and no matter your situation, it is the positive thinking that will get you out of there. We can’t let our current emotional state control our life. You can control the response you have towards any circumstances and perceive them as temporary and solvable.

4. Nurture your relationships

It’s not about having 1000 friends on Facebook or 10k followers on Instagram. It is your few closest friends and family that make you happy and these are the connections we should dedicate our time to. Not quantity but quality of those relations is what matters! If you’re in a place where you don’t have close friends around you, go out there and make new ones. Volunteering is a great way of meeting quality people who care. And the self act of helping others also feels very rewarding thus brings you joy.

5. Work (out) for it!

Even a school child knows that exercising releases endorphins, directly linked to elevating our happiness level.  These chemicals interact with receptors in our brain and change our perception. As a result, we don’t feel fatigue or pain and our outlook on life changes to positive and energizing. Regular exercising not only can help fight depression, but also improve our self-esteem and an overall quality of our lives. 30 minutes of physical activity per day should do the job!

No more excuses ladies and gentlemen! Your happiness is in your hands! Don’t wait for anyone else to make you happy, as ONLY YOU have that power!!!

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