How to get fit like Beyonce Knowles

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Beyonce Knowles is a singer, film actress and entrepreneur born in Houston, Texas, US. Beyonce started her music career at very tender age. She has great singing and dancing ability that made it possible for her to compete and win numerous awards including six Grammy Awards in 2010. One thing that most people especially women admire about Beyonce is her awesome figure. Most of her fans are astonished by her beauty and awesome shape. One fact that you should know is that you can also obtain a toned body like Beyonce if you follow her footsteps. Below are some of the things that you should do in order to have an awesome shape like Beyonce.


  • Most people think that they we will get toned body by skipping meals. This is not actually the case. It is highly important that you imbibe a good eating habit. Do not skip meals. Beyonce eats three times per day and then snack twice per day in between the meals. However, what matters here is not the quantity but how well you eat. You should eat enough vegetables, fruits, 2 servings of fish and whole grains on weekly basis.

  • Beyonce also drinks plenty of water on daily basis. You should drink enough water every day. Be wary of salty, junk and sugary foods. This does not mean that you should not consume them at all. In fact, you can occasionally take little of snacks like Beyonce. However, you should engage in a serious celebrity fitness program to get rid of excess fat.

  • Establish a good celebrity fitness program and be faithful to your plan. Beyonce fitness program is fun and amazing. Strenuous pace of dance forms part of Beyonce fitness exercise. Engaging in strenuous dancing is a fun way of working out. Beyonce Knowles also include other exercises in her celebrity fitness program. She works out five times per day. Other exercises included in Beyonce fitness program are 100 squats, 100 walking lunges, 100 step-ups every day. This is not all. She also runs 2 ½ miles per day and engages in circuit training as well. So, if you want to look cute and well toned like Beyonce, you should also engage in serious celebrity fitness program. However, it is also good for you to have time to relax.

  • There are several exercises that you can include in your celebrity fitness program such as running, lifting weights, swimming, dancing, cardiovascular exercise, cycling and others.

  • Be focus and consistent in following your fitness plan just like Beyonce.

  • You should also have something or somebody that inspires. Having a source of inspiration or motivation will help you to achieve your goal. In the case of Beyonce, she is inspired by Oscar and she has his poster on her wall.

  • Love the person you are, take pride in your body and treat it very well by wearing what fits you.

If you keep to the above tips, you will have a good and well toned body like Beyonce Knowles.

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