Jonah Hill Weight Loss Diet – The secret to Jonah Hill’s Weight Loss


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When people think of Jonah Hill, they generally don’t imagine a shredded, lean, and super sexy youngster. They generally think of Jonah as the lovable, funny, fat kid sidekick. To his credit, he plays this role very well, but deep down he was obviously unhappy with the way he looked, which was why he took action and decided to get himself into the best shape of his life. In the past he has struggled with YO-YO dieting, though to be fair to him, there were rumors of Hollywood execs piling pressure on him to gain the weight back for certain roles. Lately however, he appears to have dropped the weight and got a handle on things, and he does look amazing. But when people talk about Jonah Hill’s weight loss, one of the first things they wonder is how he lost the weight and got himself into such amazing shape. Well, let’s take a look, shall we?


Losing weight in the early stages

Since starring in Superbad, Jonah had a reputation for being hilarious, yet heavy. A few years later, he went on to star in Moneyball with a certain Brad Pitt, and soon after, he began dropping weight and was soon sporting a much leaner physique. In typical Gossip Magazine style, rumors began floating around that it was Brad Pitt who took the youngster under his wing and began offering him training and diet advice. As it turned out however, Jonah had simply had enough of being overweight and unhealthy, and decided to eat cleaner and exercise more. He did nothing fancy or unusual, he simply worked hard, stuck with it and reaped the rewards. He spoke to a nutritionist who told him what not to eat, what to eat, and when to eat it, and he simply changed his habits.


Recent weight loss

Jonah mostly sported a much leaner physique for the next few years. When he starred in the movie War Dogs, he gained more weight than ever, and looked to be his heaviest ever. He admitted however, that he was unhappy and wanted to lose the weight as quickly as possible after finishing the movie. He spoke to his nutritionist and began working with a personal trainer, who helped get him into the best shape of his life.


The Jonah Hill weight loss diet secret

In Jonah’s own words, he did nothing extreme or fancy, and there were no miracle cures or quick fixes. Jonah Hill’s weight loss was simply down to hard work and dedication. He admitted that eating Japanese food helped him a great deal, as much of the food is fresh, high in protein, low in fat, and rich in nutrients. He kept a food journal and tracked everything he ate before sending it to his nutritionist to help ensure he stayed on track. He saw a trainer, ate less, cleaned up his diet and quickly began reaping the rewards. There was however, one thing he gave up which he claimed did wonders for his waistline, and that was beer. He stated that when he doesn’t drink beer, the weight drops off of him, yet when he drinks it he finds himself getting a ‘little bigger’. So, in short, if you wish to emulate the results Jonah enjoyed, Jonah Hill’s weight loss was mainly down to eating right, cutting right back on beer, and seeking help from trained experts.

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