Morning Workout – Get the Arms Pumping

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If you want to engage in morning workouts in order to build up strength in your arms or work out your upper body, there are a number of exercises you should include in your fitness program. Some of these morning workouts can be done as warm up exercises for others. However, there are some that are very challenging. But the good news about most of them is that you do not require any equipment in order to do them. So, you have no excuse not to achieve your fitness goal. Below are some of the exercises that you can do to work out your arm and upper body.

morning workout

Arm circles

Arm circles are good warm up exercises that you can do before starting your morning workouts. The exercise targets the shoulders, biceps and triceps. It is not difficult to be done. Stand erect and put your arms sideways so that they will be at angle 900 with your body. Start moving your arms in a circular motion. Reverse the motion after doing as much rotations as possible.

Pull ups and chin ups

Pull up or chin up is a very good upper body exercise. The exercise targets the lats which is V-shaped when it is fully developed. But you require a chin up or pull up bar in order to do this upper body exercise. When you grab the bar, try to pull yourself up so that your chest or chin will be at the same level with the bar. Your palms will point towards you if you are doing chin-up while they will point outward if you are doing pull up.

Incline dumb-bell chest press

Incline dumb-bell chest press is another upper body exercise that you can do in order to work your deltoid muscles’ front and the upper chest. You need a dumb-bell and an adjustable bench to perform this exercise. Adjust the bench to about 450 and then lay down facing up. Grab the weights and hold them above your shoulder. Your palms you should face out. Lift the weight up.


Dips are good warm up exercise for building up strength in the arms. Get a chair or a low table and sit at its edge. Place your feet firmly on the floor while keeping your hands on the chair or low table. Use hands to bear your weight as you lower the body slowly. Continue lowering your arms until they are bent at a right angle. Your knees should also be bent. Now try bringing up your body again slowly to your starting position. Do about 10 reps in three sets.

Other warm up exercises that you can include in your morning workouts in order to build up your arm and upper body include

  • Kickbacks
  • Triceps press
  • Push-ups
  • Triceps extensions
  • Arm raises
  • Bicep curls with a resistance band and others
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