Sitting Dips for a Challenge

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Dips are core workouts through which you can build strength, strong arm and chest. They are very challenging tricep exercises. If you want more difficult core workouts, you can try chair dips.

Chair or sitting techniques are good strength training exercise and can be used as alternatives to the regular dips that target the muscles at the back of your upper arm and the triceps. However, they are advanced tricep exercises and not everybody can do them. The good aspect of these sitting core workouts is that you do not require any special tools in order to do them. All you need is one or two chairs depending on the technique that you want to do. So, you can do them at home or in your office. There are different variations of sitting dips. Some are more difficult than others. You can start with simple ones. Below are some of the techniques that you can try at home.

Get a strong chair and balance it very well on the floor. Stand in front of the chair. Move forward and then bend your knee as if you want to squat forming an angle at the knee. Extend your hand backwards and place them on the chair as if you are supporting your weight with them. The gap between your hands and your trunk will form an angle at the arm pit. Remain in the position for some time. You can also do the exercise with two chairs or one chair and a bench. The first chair will be at your back where you can place your hand and the remaining will be in front. Instead of keeping your feet on the floor, you can place them on the chair. This is more challenging than the first one.

There is another variation of dip tricep exercises for advanced level. It is done with two sits. First place the two chairs side by side and sit in between them. You can do it with two tables. Your legs should be in horizontal direction. Then place your hands on the chairs, one hand on the first chair and the other on the second chair. Lift yourself up using the hand. This exercise can be very difficult but gives better and quick results. You can use it to build up strong arm, abs and big chest easily than other types of dip tricep exercises

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