5 Tabata Workouts That Will Help You Lose Weight Faster


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Invented by the Japanese physician and researcher, Dr. Izumi Tabata, Tabata workout is a cross-junction between cross fit and circuit training. This high intensity-training workout gives you the maximum fitness and weight loss in the minimum amount of time. Instead of you spending long hours at the gym, tabata helps you lose weight by targeting different parts of your body in small parts. It uses intervals of high intensity training paired with small off-intervals where your body isn’t being pushed to its limits to that extent. It might sound easy, but it certainly isn’t. Here are some tabata workouts to give you a basic idea of what they really are and get you started.






Tabata Workout #1

This workout begins with jumping jacks so that your body muscles can get a good warmup routine. It makes use of a routine that involves jumping jacks, crunches, push ups, calf raises, Russian twists, squats, planks, and skaters. The whole routine will not take more than 4 minutes but, if done the right way, can be very effective. Each one of the exercises is planned to raise the heartbeat, tone up the muscles and build a good foundation for those of us who are just beginning their fitness journey.





Tabata Workout #2

Most of the tabata workout can make use of equipment to push things along but this one doesn’t. With just 10 minutes at hand and  space to play it out, you can easily do this 10-minute workout. So play the video and get started with this workout which very effectively makes the best use of these 10 minutes at hand.


Tabata Workout #3


You can use the same tabata workout routine and just keep building up the rounds to increase its effectiveness. If two sets are not enough, raise them up to three. This one workout uses the same technique as well by using two sets of the 4-minute workout. Watch the video here and get started right away.




Tabata Workout #4

Nonetheless, not every tabata workout is designed in a simple way. Some of them are more complex and made for the professionals. They often make use of the equipment like a barbell, kettlebell, etc. These workouts are more difficult and are definitely not for the beginners.


Tabata Workout #5

Some of the tabata workout routines are longer and designed to last for anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes. This one video uses a 30minute full-body tabata workout to work up your muscles in a way that would make you feel as if you have spent long hours at the gym.

Like any other HIIT , tabata has risks of you getting injured and is not for the beginners. But for those of us who want to tone up the body in alittle amount of time, tabata is a great way to achieve that.










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