Build Grip Strength and Dexterity with a Chin Up Bar

Share This: Using chin up bar body weight exercise will not only workout your muscles but will also increase your grip strength. However, increasing grip strength using chin up bar is more than performing the exercises alone. If you want to increase grip strength with chin up bar, there are certain strategies that you should apply in order to achieve the fitness goal. Below are some tips that you include when you are performing chin up bar exercises for grip strength. +1-1

How Resistance Bands build Directional Stability

Share This: Many erroneously think that one must go to the gym or acquire expensive workout machines before one can perform reasonable exercise. Contrary to the thinking of these people, it is possible for a person to work out in one’s home or even in the workplace without having expensive workout machines or going to gym. You can do reasonable unconventional exercises using the resistance bands only and yet build up your muscle strength. The directional tension of resistance bands, as well as their inherent instability, forces the brain to…

What You Can Learn From The Rock

Share This: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is 40, a professional wrestler and a popular film actor. He is also one of the fittest and most cut stars on the screen. His legendary intense workouts and amazing physique have made him wildly popular with fans seeking to train like The Rock. 00

10 must have muscles for men

Share This: What are the 10 “must have” muscles for men, and why are they so important? Besides looking good in a bathing suit, impressing potential mates and scaring off the competition, muscle mass burns calories more efficiently than any other body tissue. Muscle building, developing the lean muscle mass of the body, is one of the most efficient techniques to maintain health and burn fat. 1. Deltoids: The “delts” contribute much of the visible mass of the upper body. The deltoids also help give the upper body a “V”…