Amazing Workout Ideas For Couples

Share This:   Workout Ideas For Couples Spending quality time with your significant other is fantastic for everyone, however, it often leads to splurging out on food and being lazy. Those things are all great once in a while, but unless you have an aim of becoming unhealthy and overweight together, you’re going to want to try out some of the workout ideas for couples we’re about to take a look at.         Outdoor Walks If going to a gym sounds a little bit too dull for…

20 Min Fat Burning Yoga Sequence

Share This: Blast away fat with this 20-minute power yoga workout. Move from one pose to the next with no rest between sequences. Yoga like this strength trains as well as burns fat. Power yoga also boosts cardiovascular fitness. Begin the workout with 20 quick breaths through the nose. Complete each yoga sequence and move to the next without resting. Aim for workouts four or five times a week. 00