Stomach Flat with nothing but a Yoga Mat!

Share This: It’s winter and we all got a bit more passive. No wonder, the temperature outside is freezing and with the snow and cold wind we don’t really feel like doing anything. Having a warm tea and snuggle up under a blanket is all we dream of all day long. But then one day we try to put on our jeans and…. Oops, they are way too tight! Is there anything we can do to lose the chubby fat on your tummy¬†and turn your stomach flat without leaving home?…

5 Minutes and a Yoga Mat

Share This: Yoga mat is very important home fitness equipment that every fitness lover should have. You need it if you are engaging in isomeric training and certain fast ab workouts. Performing fast yoga exercises on yoga mat gives you a lot of benefits. The mat protects you from sliding as you are performing the fast ab workouts and sweating profusely. It drains perspiration and prevents it from getting to the floor. Below are some of the fast yoga exercises that you must do on the yoga mat. 00

How to choose the best yoga mat bags

Share This: Keeping your yoga mat protected, and dry is vital to maintain the useful life of the mat. Choosing the right yoga mat bag will help. The right bag will not only protect your bag but also allow you to carry it easily. You might need a big enough bag to hold your yoga blocks and gear or a change of clothes. 00