What is your tank talking about fitness?

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You want to workout but don’t have enough energy? Then put these talking fitness tanks on to motivate yourself.
Besides these ridiculously inspiring workout tanks is a perfect way to express yourself and be charming even in sweats.

We find the following 5 fitness tanks for women very clever and creative. Aren’t they talking exactly relevant to the sense of humor of fitness and workout plans?

You’ll rock in these… A sweaty but sparkling rock!

And we’ll keep posting more original talking fitness tanks for women on Pinterest. Stay tuned and follow the link: http://www.pinterest.com/wacces/


Skreened:Let everyone at the gym know that you don’t sweat, you just leak awesome all over the place. Get your fitness on with this workout inspired design.” $32.99


Lookhuman: “Girls can lift just as hard as the boys. So go hit the gym and show those boys how a girl does it! Get your fitness on, girl!” $27.00


Constantly Varied Gear: “Handmade” €16.55


Diamond Girl Fashion: Handmade item €15,04


Sunset Sign Designs: Handmade item €18,06


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