The Ultimate Lower Body Exercise Tool and Giveaway

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In September, we will be giving away five Wacces loop band exercise trainers starting today. These resistance bands help give you a fantastic lower body workout, and they are portable enough to use anywhere. Exercise bands are the ideal travel workout companions because they fit in any suitcase or carry-on without significantly adding weight.

Once a week one winner will receive a Wacces loop band for exercise, FREE! Resistance bands such as this provide full range-of-motion exercises for all muscle groups. They allow you to train muscles in all directions without using heavy weights or large, expensive fitness machines. Kiss the expensive gym membership goodbye when you switch to using exercise bands for strength training.

loop band set
loop band set

The Wacces closed loop band design is flat and fits over either the upper or the lower legs. This allows exercises targeting hips, thighs, knees, calves or ankles. They allow more movement with a greater range of motion for safe training during your lower body workout. Every exercise done on an expensive fitness machine can be done using an exercise band, simply by slightly adapting the exercise.

Bands are staple physical therapy exercises and rehabilitation for leg injuries. They strengthen and tone muscles without creating added stress on joints, and work the leg in all directions with equal resistance. Try a “monster walk” exercise and see the intense workout these exercise bands provide.

The high quality natural latex material is safe and easy to carry. With our special design, you never have to knot the loop band to use it. Fitness clubs and therapists prefer these thin-resistance loops for their easy use and client comfort.

Each resistance band color represents a different level of resistance, allowing exercisers to increase the difficulty of the exercise. Double the bands or add a second band for even more resistance for strength training.

Enter our giveaway and have a chance to win a Wacces loop band exercise tool every week throughout the month of September.

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5 Comment

  1. Kevin says: Reply

    good deal

  2. Dani Mc says: Reply

    I love using my body in yoga as my favorite piece of exercise equipment! It is strong, sturdy and durable! 😉 I do like resistance bands as well.

  3. Breenah says: Reply

    I’m a big fan of my running shoes!

  4. Brandi says: Reply

    My favorite exercise equipment is the treadmill I just bought!

  5. Chelsea says: Reply

    My favorite is anything that I can use at home! It’s so much easier to keep on track with a workout if I know I don’t have to drive to a gym.

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